#16 Faith Not Fear (A Special Interview with JVIC Member Dr. Renee Sunday)

In the 16th episArt-of-The-Joint-Venture-Rich-German-Milana-Leshinskyode Rich and JVIC Member Dr. Renee Sunday discuss how to eliminate fear, so that you can trust the process and find the perfect way to start or run your business.  


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What it means to let go of fear and allow faith and belief control your life.
  • How to become clear on your purpose and how your business or coaching can help people.
  • How to find clarity in your life and business, so you can focus on helping as many people as you possible.

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Dr. Renee Sunday’s 7 Day Manifestation Challenge


#15 Taking the Solo Out of Solo-preneur (A Special Interview with JVIC Member Lauri Hand)

In the 15th episArt-of-The-Joint-Venture-Rich-German-Milana-Leshinskyode Rich and JVIC Member Lauri Hand discuss why many entrepreneurs stay stuck where they are in their businesses, and how they can continue to grow.  


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What is the single most important thing great online entrepreneurs need to be successful.
  • How people with salaries can jump from the corporate world into the world of owning their own business.
  • What stops people from having a high level of success.

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22 Surprising Reasons Your Colleagues, Peers, and Even Competitors Will Promote You!

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By Milana Leshinsky

It’s amazing how many reasons there are for a list owner to promote you. And the great thing about this for you is that they just need one reason. Read through the list below and see if you can identify some great reasons you can give business owners to promote you!

1. BECAUSE THEY WANT TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT RECOMMENDING A GREAT RESOURCE! List owners take pride in and have a responsibility to their email subscribers. They want to share tremendous value with their list. If your free report or product makes the list owner look good, they would be happy to share it.

2. BECAUSE THEY WANT TO GENERATE PASSIVE INCOME. Business owners love passive income. It’s why they create products, have websites, and run automated webinars and teleseminars. If you can position the idea of them promoting you as, “I’ll do all the work and you get half the money,” they’ll see it as a great passive income opportunity.

3. BECAUSE THEY WANT TO ADD GREAT VALUE TO THEIR NEWSLETTER OR BLOG. Business owners who publish a newsletter or a blog are in constant need of quality content. It saves them time and they’re happy to publish a great article they didn’t have to write, while getting you exposure.

4. BECAUSE THEY WANT TO FEATURE AN EXPERT ON A TOPIC THEY DON’T TEACH THEMSELVES. Business owners usually focus on one, or just a few, areas of expertise. If your product or program complements what they do, it can be a great reason for them to share you with their list.

5. BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE SEEN AS RESOURCEFUL AND WELL-CONNECTED IN THEIR INDUSTRY. When list owners share resources of their peers, they look abundant and generous. Entrepreneurs also love being seen as the “hub” in their industry and having access to useful information, resources, and experts who can solve problems.

6. BECAUSE THEY LIKE YOU AND WANT TO SUPPORT YOU. This can be a slam dunk to a “yes” if you have great rapport with a list owner. People who like you want to help you. That’s why it’s important to connect with potential partners on a personal level before asking for support.

7. BECAUSE THEY REALLY LIKE YOUR PRODUCT OR PROJECT. The reason that JVs work so well is the transfer of trust and rapport. If a business owner can give a first-hand testimonial about how awesome your stuff is, then it’s an easy referral for them to make and it will probably convert really well. An enthusiastic endorsement about your product can translate into a great promotional opportunity.

8. BECAUSE THEY FEEL LIKE THEIR CLIENTS REALLY NEED YOUR HELP. Business owners want, and need, their clients to succeed. If you provide a super-easy way for them to put a solution into their clients’ hands, then recommending you should be a no-brainer. We have even seen business owners buy copies of programs to give their clients. Make sure your product or program is super helpful to the clients of those who could recommend you.

9. BECAUSE YOUR WEB SITE LOOKS GREAT AND PROFESSIONAL! If your web site looks outdated, sloppy, or unprofessional, it’s tough for a business owner to send their audience to your site. But on the other hand, if your site looks amazing, then the business owner can be proud to send people there. Make sure your web site looks top notch!

10. BECAUSE YOU HAVE A GREAT ENERGY AND ARE EASY TO WORK WITH. Great energy and enthusiasm are contagious. So get excited about your product or service and how much it helps people and how generous you are with your commissions!

11. BECAUSE YOU PURCHASED THEIR PRODUCT OR JOINED THEIR PROGRAM. Clients and customers are top priority for most business owners. That’s why it’s a lot easier to get noticed and get promoted by someone whose product you invested in. So if there’s someone you want to partner with, buy their product first!

12. BECAUSE YOU HAVE A UNIQUE PRODUCT. You can impress and inspire list owners with your product and the way it’s delivered. If you have something they haven’t seen before, they’re more likely to take a closer look and consider sharing it with their audience. You might even consider giving them a free copy or access to your product.

13. BECAUSE YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY HIGHER COMMISSIONS THAN MOST. If a business owner knows they will be earning more money with you than someone else, that can be enough to get a “Yes!” from them. Remember that keeping 25% of a sale you would not have had is better than keeping 100% of no sale. Plus, you can always offer another product for “back-end” revenue.

14. BECAUSE YOU HELPED OUT AT THEIR EVENT. Reciprocity is a wonderful thing. I’ll scratch your back, and maybe now you will be more inclined to scratch mine. Helping

out a leader at their event can be satisfying on many levels. Not only that, but they are more likely to get to know you and consider helping you because you have helped them.

15. BECAUSE YOU PROMOTED THEIR PRODUCT OR PROGRAM. One fast way to get the attention of a big list owner is to sell a bunch of their product or program. You can even be direct with them that you would really love their support and just wanted to show them some support first. A bonus is that you might earn some nice commissions in addition to getting a great promo partner to support you.

16. BECAUSE YOUR SALES PAGE IS WELL-WRITTEN AND LOOKS LIKE IT WILL CONVERT! If a partner looks at your sales process and it’s less than awesome, they may feel like working with you will be a waste of a mailing to their list. So impress them with your sales process, invest into creating great copy!

17. BECAUSE YOU OFFERED GREAT JV PRIZES AND THEY WANT TO WIN. Most list owners love winning prizes and being on leaderboards. If you can come up with some exciting prizes to offer and some social proof of other people promoting you, you might have some amazing people going all out to win your launch or sell a bunch of copies of your program.

18. BECAUSE YOU’VE BEEN A RESOURCE FOR THEM AND OFFERED HELP IN THE PAST. Most successful business people have good hearts, and if you’ve helped them out in the past, it’s likely they will want to help you back. Promoting you to their list can be an easy way for them to show appreciation. When you’ve got your ducks in a row, ask that person you’ve helped in the past.

19. BECAUSE A MUTUAL FRIEND RECOMMENDED YOU TO THEM. Potential JV partners may feel much more likely to help you if a mutual friend has suggested they work with you. It creates instant trust and gets you ahead of the line a lot faster than if you were a complete stranger. Check your Facebook and LinkedIn connections to see if you have any shared friends.

20. BECAUSE YOU COMPLIMENTED THEM ON THEIR BOOK, ARTICLE, OR IDEA! Successful big list business owners are people, too, and appreciate a sincere compliment as much as the next person. If you can be specific with your compliments, they will feel like you truly got their message and they were heard.

21. BECAUSE THEY WANT TO SUPPORT YOUR MISSION. If your product or program has a strong message that resonates with a list owner, they are likely to write an inspired email to their list, sharing how important your message is and directing them to you. You might search social media and blogs to see if any big list owners feel strongly about your topic.

22. BECAUSE THEY WANT TO APPEAR ON YOUR PODCAST, INTERNET RADIO SHOW, OR YOUR TV SHOW ON YOUTUBE. Exposure is a great thing for a business owner. If you have an audience that you can put the business owner in front of, they will very likely be a guest of yours. And if they feel passionately about the topic or the way it is shared, there’s a good chance they will let their list know about their appearance on your network.

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It really is amazing that there are so many ways to get the attention and commitment of a business owner to share you with their audience. The great thing about this for you is that they just need ONE good reason to shoot out a quick email (or several) to their list. Best of luck to you as you approach and get promotional support from your colleagues, peers, and competitors!

#14: Bonuses to Encourage People to Buy

In the 14th episArt-of-The-Joint-Venture-Rich-German-Milana-Leshinskyode Rich and Milana talk about how bonuses can seal the deal and encourage people to buy your products and services.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why bonuses are the best way to push someone over the edge into buying.
  • What the perfect number of bonuses are.
  • How to use bonuses to add tons of value to your product or service.

The best bonuses complete your offer. So as an example, say you’re offering a cooking class. The perfect bonuses would be to include a recipe book and to include all the necessary ingredients for the recipes. Always make your bonuses remove any doubt as to why someone wouldn’t purchase what you have to offer.

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#13: How Your Live Event Can Be a Huge Success

In the thirteenth Art-of-The-Joint-Venture-Rich-German-Milana-Leshinskyepisode Rich and Milana discuss live events and how they can benefit you.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How to get people to show up for your event.
  • Why it’s much easier and more enjoyable to do an event with a partner in your field.
  • How to make it about the audience.

Whenever you’re hosting a live event, always be yourself. People will connect with you much easier when you act natural and stress free. Make your event unique to you and your personality. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Everyone comes to events for different reasons, some come to socialize and get to know their community. Others come to learn from the speakers and content. So make sure your live event has something for everyone, then you’ll make the most profits!

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#12: The Goldilocks of Promotion

In the twelfArt-of-The-Joint-Venture-Rich-German-Milana-Leshinskyth episode, Rich and Milana talk about the perfect amount of promotion for your product or business

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The perfect amount of promotion to keep your audience engaged and ready to buy.
  • What type of content gets the best feedback for your list.
  • How to know when something isn’t working and its time to make a change.

You don’t want to oversell yourself and your business, but you also don’t want to let your audience forget about you. You have to find the perfect balance or the “goldilocks” amount. Where everything is just right!

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#11: Is Launching Right For You?

Art-of-The-Joint-Venture-Rich-German-Milana-LeshinskyIn the eleventh episode Rich and Milana discuss whether or not launching is right for you.



In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • What a launch is and what it can do for you.
  • Examples of Rich and Milana’s past launches.
  • What to look for in a launch to learn how to make each one more and more successful.

When creating a product, program or package, you have to decide if you want to offer it to your list at any time or create a big event to promote it for a short time, AKA a “launch”. It’s ideal to have a team to help you take care of the details so you can focus on the big picture to make any launch successful.

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The Fastest Way to Get a Rush of NEW Clients and Fill Your Programs

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Finding and having joint venture partners will help you quickly get a rush of NEW clients and fill your programs. How? Your JV partners share your content with their list and those people opt in for what you’re offering. If any of them buy from you, you give a commission to your JV partner. Win/Win/Win!
Untitled design-57Where do you find them? Potential joint venture partners are everywhere! To find them, ask yourself this question: “Who is actively building an audience or a mailing list in my industry?”

Here are the top 14 places to get you started:

  1. Networking events and training seminars – these events are usually attended by people who are your peers and they may already be reaching your desired target audience. You can also connect directly with the event organizers since they already have access to a lot of people in your industry!
  1. Industry associations – organizations love rewarding their members and providing them with great resources, while generating additional income, making them great potential partners.
  1. Colleagues and peers – people from your networking groups and training and certification programs can be a great source of client referrals, and they already know you so it’s easier to get into a joint venture conversation.
  1. Article publishing sites – anyone who writes and submits articles is probably looking to expand their visibility and reach, making them great candidates for JV partnerships.

FREE Training – Learn the best way to approach potential partners 

  1. Launch leaderboards – see someone doing a product launch? Watch who is promoting them and reach out. Pay special attention to “launch leaderboards,” which list the top 10 JV partners for thScreen Shot 2016-02-15 at 7.08.38 PMe launch.
  1. Niche specific blogs – search for blogs on the topics relevant to your audience. Both the blog owner and those who are commenting on the blog posts are most likely building an audience in your niche.
  1. Newsletter publishers – search for newsletters or e-zines in your niche; newsletter publishers most definitely have a mailing list and can make great JV partners.
  1. Top sites – do a search on your niche keywords and see which top 10-20 web sites come up in search results; these web sites probably have the most traffic and visibility, and could be open to JVs.

Learn how to get people to say “yes” to promoting you and your business

  1. Google and Facebook Ads – if people are advertising via “pay-per-click” ads that means they’re actively building their list and business. These might make great JV partners as well.
  1. LinkedIn and Facebook group owners – if someone takes time to start and run a group on the top social media sites, they’re probably interested in building an audience, making them potentially great partners.
  1. ClickBank marketplace – with thousands of product owners, Clickbank.com is a great place to find people who are actively building their business, selling their products, and growing their list.
  1. Podcast, video channel, and radio show owners – the biggest reason people start their own podcast or video channel is to share their message with an audience, which means you can tap into their community by simply being a guest – one of the easiest ways to start a JV conversation. Being featured on iTunes (for podcast), YouTube (for video channel), and Blog Talk Radio (for radio show) is also great for reaching thousands of potential customers!

Learn what you need to have in place to be ready for JV Partners

  1. Authors in your niche – do a search for authors in your niche (perhaps start with an Amazon.com keyword search), then find their web sites. If they have a sign-up form on their home page, chances are they are actively building a list of fans and readers, and might be well positioned to be a JV partner.
  1. Software and app publishers – every niche has different software tools they’re using. For business owners it may be a shopping cart; for home-schooling parents it may be some kind of learning software, and so on. Search for software publishers in your industry, they most likely have a list of subscribers they’ve been marketing to, and might make great partners!

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There are many more places for you to find joint venture partners to collaborate with and get promoted to their audiences. Register for our upcominScreen Shot 2016-02-15 at 7.09.13 PMg FREE training and discover more ways to build a massive list and get clients fast using joint ventures!

Discover the BEST PLACE to find hundreds of potential partners who are eager to promote you

#10: How to Attract High End Clients


In the tenth episode Rich and Milana talk about how to choose and target your product.



In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What type of products SELL these days.
  • Why it’s better to target a narrow audience..
  • Why your passion is always the best place to start.

When deciding what product or service you want to offer, always begin with something that is specific and comes naturally to you. It may seem easy to you, but it’s not easy for everyone. Which means there is a market for it. You are going to attract higher end clients if you are a specialist in your field.

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#9: The Perfect Price Point


Art-of-The-Joint-Venture-Rich-German-Milana-LeshinskyIn the ninth episode, Rich and Milana discuss the perfect price point for your product.



In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why high end products are more appealing to JV partners.
  • What is a good commission percentage.
  • The difference between a high end and low end product.

Don’t charge too much or too little. You want your product or service to be competitive, but not seem cheap. JV partners like Rich and Milana would rather promote a high end product, because then they will receive a larger commission.

The most important things are to make sure you make a profit so JV partners are EXCITED to promote you!

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