Joint Venture Strategy

A great Joint Venture Strategy is to be an attractive JV partner. You want partners to approach you or get super excited when you approach them. So how can you do this? Be a great JV Partner! Here is our list of suggestions for you:

  1. Constantly build your list so you can show growth over the months and years.
  2. Nurture and train your list to open your emails and click on your links.
  3. Participate in launches and get on leaderboards.
  4. Have a JV Page summarizing your offer and showing your stats.
  5. Use bonuses to reward your list for purchasing from your partners, even for opting in with your partners.
  6. Constantly refine and improve your own sales process for gathering referred leads and turning them into sales
  7. Stay in contact with your partners before, during, and (most neglected) AFTER the promotion.
  8. Provide a summary or recap of how the promotion went (regardless of who is promoting whom) and offer advice on how to do even better next time.

In summary, a great Joint Venture Strategy is to be a great partner so that everyone wants to work with you.



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