Meet the JV Insider Circle Team!

Rich German

Rich GermanCEO of the JV Insider Circle – is a best-selling author, speaker, and business/lifestyle coach. Since 1999, he has conducted over 18,000 individual coaching sessions. He is the co-creator of the JV Insider Circle, a powerful community that supports coaches, authors, and speakers in building their business via joint venture partnerships. Rich lives in Laguna Beach, California. When not working he can be found on the ocean paddle boarding with dolphins and whales. His main website is

Robin Hoch

Robin Hoch, aka the WBC (Wizard Behind the Curtain) is our Director of Operations. She handles technology, customer service, finances, and is also our affiliate manager. She is here to make sure all runs smoothly for members to get the most out of their membership. Oh, and she’s Rich’s sister so you have to be nice to her 🙂 Robin is also the co-author of “Living the Law of Attraction.” She has a business degree from the University of Michigan and worked for IBM for 10 years before starting her own business working from home. Robin lives with her husband in the Orlando area and in the North Carolina mountains and has two beautiful daughters. (Contact Robin)

Kelly Jo Murphy

Kelly Jo Murphy is the JVIC COO, aka Executive Director of Member Success. Kelly Jo is our strategic planner and “get it done” gal. She is here to make sure everything in JVIC ensures each and every member’s success in their business and life. Kelly Jo is also the queen of Soul to Soul Sales, helping soul centered entrepreneurs convert more sales with their soul aligned clients. With over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur and 15 years as a coach/consultant, she brings the knowledge and wisdom of that experience to every client she serves. She also homeschools her 4 children and has a real estate investment business with her husband of 25 years. You might catch a glimpse of her dancing in the heat of the Arizona sun with her family! (Contact Kelly Jo)

Coaching Team

Pam Vandervoort

Pam Vandervoort started her online business Dating for True Love after receiving her master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology in 2007. She had a mission to help women find love but had no clients and no idea how to find them! After years of training and thousands of dollars, she finally developed a successful business and found a home with JVIC. Building your business can be overwhelming and there is a lot of information out there. As a JVIC Coach, she can help you save time and money by showing you how to create a marketing funnel that converts, a program that provides value and creates a relationship with your clients and how to network with other entrepreneurs to grow your business. She is also a master at identifying any mindset problems that may be blocking your success so you can harass that energy to get your gifts out into the world! (Contact Pam)

Kate Galt

Kate Galt is a certified co-active coach with an emphasis in leadership and relationships. In her coaching niche, she is the Breakup Expert. She supports women through the arduous process of a breakup – to breakthrough, and find love anew. Her coaching style is a powerful mix of a loving heart, and getting real results in your business. She knows conducting business isn’t always easy, so having a coach that can equally call you forth for the great life you were meant to live as well as hold your hand when it feels like too much, is the choice to make. As a JVIC Coach, Kate listens with her heart and shows you the way to get the results you want. (Contact Kate)

Gina Hussar

Gina Hussar is an author, certified mind mastery coach and Brand Alignment Consultant. As a seasoned copy writer and former magazine editor, Gina has built a business that combines the magic of words and creativity with the strategy of business expansion. Gina’s clients come to her to find their entrepreneurial sweet spot, fine tune their brand and offerings and build solid ascension plans for their sales funnels and company visions. From names, taglines and email copy, to sales pages, course outlines and e-books, as a JVIC Coach,Gina helps JVIC members harness the power of words to create strong brand offerings that align their purpose and passion with their audiences’ greatest need. (Contact Gina)

Shelley Sanders

Shelley Sanders is passionate about helping entrepreneurs bring their vision into reality, so they can live their dreams. She specializes in working with clients who feel lost, stuck, and confused. She discovered the best way to get around a road block, is to go beneath the surface to uncover “what’s getting in the way” of your success. This simple yet powerful process allows enough space to feel uplifted, encouraged, and inspired to receive “aha” moments. As a JVIC Mindset Coach, Shelley will help you get moving in the right direction with your business. She is available when you need that extra clarity and boost that a session can bring. Every session is unique and clearly custom tailored to fit your needs in the moment so you can take the actions and get the results you’re wanting in your business. (Contact Shelley)

Susan Bock Susan Bock is a corporate jailbird – she paroled herself after a 15-year sentence in the C-Suite of corporate America. She saw the light and transformed her life, lifestyle, and approach to living. She earned her MCC and launched her business and has never looked back. Today, what ignites Susan’s passion is working with women who want the short-cuts, fast-track and Mach-speed secrets to defining and achieving success. Susan has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine (twice!), is a frequent guest on numerous radio shows, and is no stranger to the stage. As your JVIC Coach, Susan will help you 1) see your future with new-found clarity 2) design your plan for success 3) access all of the tools, techniques, tricks, and tips in the JVIC marketing model to grow your list and your bank account. (Contact Susan)
Jennifer Mayers Jennifer Mayers is your copywriting and marketing master trainer. Hop on the Copy Critique & Mastery Calls to get her eyes and brain on your marketing materials where she’ll help you write incredibly enticing marketing materials that move people to action and signs up for all of your programs. Jennifer is the heart-centered copywriting expert and leading authority in helping coaches, consultants, and healers sell out their products and programs. She consults for some of the biggest coaches in the industry, and when she’s not working with clients can typically be found with her nose in a new book on a plane ready to explore a new corner of the world. (Contact Jenn)

Support Team

Sherry Richert Belul

Sherry Richert Belul, founder of Simply Celebrate, has spent the last twenty years practicing finding the gifts in everyday life. Using disappointment, depression, and anxiety as her teachers, Sherry has developed products and practices for celebrating ourselves, the people we love, and the shape of our lives — even when none of them look the way we’d imagined. In Sherry’s role as Premier Coordinator, she gets to bring all of that same joy, energy, and enthusiasm to serving members who need some extra assistance with any aspect of their Premier membership. Sherry helps Premier Members find the support they need to fast track the success of their businesses or to spark a positive mindset when they might be feeling disappointed, lost, or confused. When Premier Members need some help, Sherry is their go-to gal. (Contact Sherry)

Dana Zarcone

Dana Zarcone, the founder of Source Your Joy, is recognized as a revolutionist in the personal development industry. She is a driving force in helping clients who are spiritually stuck, stressed, or depressed to unblock their energy, heal emotional wounds, and reclaim their personal power, so they can feel vibrant, radically alive and, ultimately, dance with life again. Dana is very passionate about her work. As a member of the Concierge team, she brings that same passion and enthusiasm. She has a knack for making our new members feel welcomed and ensuring they get connected to the perfect resources that will help them take their businesses to the next level and beyond. (Contact Dana)

Rob Goyette

Rob Goyette is your technology trainer. He answers all of your technology questions on the monthly tech call and in the tech support group. Rob comes from the Computer Training world having taught adult classes from beginner to advanced in many popular programs including The Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. He is also a hobbyist programmer having written web-based inventory control and work request systems that were used by several school districts in Missouri. In addition to a strong technology and training background, Rob is also a marketing strategist working closely with many of the leaders in the coaching industry.

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy is JVIC’s Podcast/Social Media Manager. He is behind the scenes making sure the JVIC Coaching Millions podcast gets to members and the community to learn from and enjoy. He is also an avid sports (Go Green Bay!) and fitness enthusiast, enjoying his workouts and coaching his younger brother’s high school basketball team. As you see all of JVICs posts in social media, Kevin probably had his hand in posting them for you.

Sapna Rajput

Sapna Rajput is our amazing programmer who created our JV Partner Database. She started her career working as a corporate software developer for four years and then for the last 12 years has worked as a freelancer, creating various websites from scratch. Her expertise includes PHP, HTML, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, and Ionic2. She has the ability to take on various challenging jobs and can guide you in creating your business website. (Contact Sapna)