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Joint Venturenoun – joint ven·ture \-ˈven- chər\ – A cooperative business agreement or partnership between two or more parties to work together for a particular purpose or on a particular project.

Talk to anyone who has done joint ventures the old way, and you’ll find out that it can take years to build up your personal network of go-to joint venture partners that are willing to do deals with you.

You had to spend hours painstakingly searching for ideal partners, make 100’s of cold calls, face relentless rejection, and spend an enormous amount of time vetting potential partners (and being vetted by them).

Now with the JV Insider Circle, you get to skip all that frustration, rejection, and long hours of hard work. Because we’ve built your network of partners for you. All you have to do is show up and start putting together profitable deals!

And as a member of the JV Insider Circle, you’re not just getting access to a ready-made community of JV-minded coaches, speakers, and authors – you’re also getting a set of tools, support, and a proven joint venture marketing system that makes rapidly setting up lucrative JV deals a truly “done for you” process.

We’ve cracked the code for doing Joint Ventures that are highly successful.

The JV Insider Circle Program consists of THREE main components: Training, Community, and Support.

Training: We focus on getting you ready to do joint ventures with our Instant JV Formula training and coaching, our Product Creation Clinic, and ongoing monthly training calls with exciting guests and our top JV partners who share their success strategies!

Community: As a Member of the JV Insider Circle, you will have access to our JV Partner Database where you will find hundreds of potential JV partners. You will also become a member of our extremely active, private Facebook group – where you will find unlimited support from your fellow members. Your membership also includes a FREE ticket to our annual live event: The JV Experience Live!

Support: Our main objective is YOUR success! We will support you all year long with monthly Members-Only calls, Monthly Tech Support calls, Monthly Copywriting calls, and other valuable bonuses and resources found in our Private Members Area.

Membership in the JV Insider Circle opens in April 2017.