The Fastest Way to Get a Rush of NEW Clients and Fill Your Programs

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Finding and having joint venture partners will help you quickly get a rush of NEW clients and fill your programs. How? Your JV partners share your content with their list and those people opt in for what you’re offering. If any of them buy from you, you give a commission to your JV partner. Win/Win/Win!
Untitled design-57Where do you find them? Potential joint venture partners are everywhere! To find them, ask yourself this question: “Who is actively building an audience or a mailing list in my industry?”

Here are the top 14 places to get you started:

  1. Networking events and training seminars – these events are usually attended by people who are your peers and they may already be reaching your desired target audience. You can also connect directly with the event organizers since they already have access to a lot of people in your industry!
  1. Industry associations – organizations love rewarding their members and providing them with great resources, while generating additional income, making them great potential partners.
  1. Colleagues and peers – people from your networking groups and training and certification programs can be a great source of client referrals, and they already know you so it’s easier to get into a joint venture conversation.
  1. Article publishing sites – anyone who writes and submits articles is probably looking to expand their visibility and reach, making them great candidates for JV partnerships.

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  1. Launch leaderboards – see someone doing a product launch? Watch who is promoting them and reach out. Pay special attention to “launch leaderboards,” which list the top 10 JV partners for thScreen Shot 2016-02-15 at 7.08.38 PMe launch.
  1. Niche specific blogs – search for blogs on the topics relevant to your audience. Both the blog owner and those who are commenting on the blog posts are most likely building an audience in your niche.
  1. Newsletter publishers – search for newsletters or e-zines in your niche; newsletter publishers most definitely have a mailing list and can make great JV partners.
  1. Top sites – do a search on your niche keywords and see which top 10-20 web sites come up in search results; these web sites probably have the most traffic and visibility, and could be open to JVs.

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  1. Google and Facebook Ads – if people are advertising via “pay-per-click” ads that means they’re actively building their list and business. These might make great JV partners as well.
  1. LinkedIn and Facebook group owners – if someone takes time to start and run a group on the top social media sites, they’re probably interested in building an audience, making them potentially great partners.
  1. ClickBank marketplace – with thousands of product owners, is a great place to find people who are actively building their business, selling their products, and growing their list.
  1. Podcast, video channel, and radio show owners – the biggest reason people start their own podcast or video channel is to share their message with an audience, which means you can tap into their community by simply being a guest – one of the easiest ways to start a JV conversation. Being featured on iTunes (for podcast), YouTube (for video channel), and Blog Talk Radio (for radio show) is also great for reaching thousands of potential customers!

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  1. Authors in your niche – do a search for authors in your niche (perhaps start with an keyword search), then find their web sites. If they have a sign-up form on their home page, chances are they are actively building a list of fans and readers, and might be well positioned to be a JV partner.
  1. Software and app publishers – every niche has different software tools they’re using. For business owners it may be a shopping cart; for home-schooling parents it may be some kind of learning software, and so on. Search for software publishers in your industry, they most likely have a list of subscribers they’ve been marketing to, and might make great partners!

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